Thursday, March 6, 2008


You know how sometimes people pull the “you look exactly like someone I know,” thing and then you really hope it’s not somoene totally ugly and disgusting looking?!?!

One time someone told me that I looked like this guy they knew. Bast-itch (That's my new unisex swear word to express disgust in another person).

Anyway, recently, someone told me that I looked like Lexi Grey from Grey's Anatomy. Since I rarely watch TV, I didn't know who that was.

Then, I googled and found this:

I've studied the picture for a long time trying to decide if that green shirt brings out her eyes the same way in which it would bring out mine and if her brown hair is quite and flowy as mine. I've decided that this can only be settled by comparing some of my best pictures to hers.

Me in my work outfit:

Lexi in her work outfit:

Me in front of the camera:

Lexi in front of the camera:

Me with a friend:

Lexi with a friend:

I don't know...what do you guys think?


tickiworld said...

HA! HA! I love it. I think you look just like her! I always used to get Eliot from Scrubs (that was the blonde girl's name, right?). One time I got Paris Hilton and I barfed in my mouth. Then I started to say "That's hot" a lot...

Mauri said...

I love you!

Justin & Kamie said...

BAhaha! This is by far one of your best posts! I love the "with friend" ugly face EVER!

zacharoo said...

And I always thought you looked like Alfred Molina.

heidikins said...

Oh, you're totally twins...and I practically wrote the book (ok, cliff's notes) on twins.


PS Glad I found your blog! Love your style!

megandjon said...

this is a laugh-out-loud post! two enthusiastic thumbs up! after much careful scrutinizing i must say that your hair is a tad more long and flowyer than that lexi chick.

also, i now can't remember if it was this particular post or not, but i adore "bast-itch". can i use it? i might morph it into something more like "buh-stitch". but only with your permission of course!